3 Things You Can Have Done At The Hair Salon To Pamper Yourself

It is definitely important to take the time to pamper yourself every now and then, and a great place to go to pamper yourself is the hair salon. While getting your hair colored and cut is always great, there are other things that you can do at the hair salon to help boost how you feel about yourself. These things will leave you feeling great, and are well worth the time and money spent. This article will discuss 3 things you can have done at a hair salon to pamper yourself.

Get A Scalp Massage

When your stylist is giving you a scalp massage, they will likely use oils at first, and will slowly use a soothing technique to gently massage the oil all over your scalp.You will then receive a shampoo and conditioning while the massage continues. Not only does a scalp massage feel absolutely amazing on your head, but it also has other great benefits as well. It has been shown to reduce stress and promote an overall feeling of well-being. A scalp massage is also done to help improve the circulation of blood in your head, which is also great for improving hair growth. 

Have Your Hair Deep Conditioned

A deep conditioning is a great way to pamper your hair because it gives it the protein, moisture, and other nutrients that it needs. A deep conditioning is done by using a special conditioner that is thicker than regular conditioner, and more enriched with the nutrients that your hair needs. There are different types of deep conditioners depending on what your hair is lacking, so you will be able to get one fortified with the exact nutrients that your hair needs.

The deep conditioner is massaged through your hair, and then you will be placed under a hair dryer on a low heat setting for about 15 minutes. This opens up your hair follicles and allows the nutrients to get inside. You hair is then rinsed and blown dry, and left feeling great!

Get A Blow Out 

Getting a blow out is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself while your hair is being done for you. A blow out will start out with you getting your hair shampooed and conditioned, and then you will have your hair blown dry and styled using a round brush. This technique is called a "blow out" because your hair is being blown dry and will look full and voluminous due to the round brushing.