Airbrush Tanning Can Be Effective At Covering These Things

A session at an airbrush tanning studio can give your skin a healthy, tanned look that makes you feel good about your appearance. Unlike conventional tanning sessions, which are time-consuming, an airbrush tanning appointment is quite short — making it easy to fit this type of session into even a busy daily schedule. Many people see airbrush tanning as a way to give their skin the exact shade they want, but may not realize that one of these sessions can also help to cover up various things on your skin. Here are some things that you can effectively cover through airbrush tanning.

Uneven Tan Lines

If you've recently spent a lot of time in the sun, you might be somewhat tanned but also have some tan lines that you don't feel offer a flattering look. For example, if you were wearing a specific dress or bathing suit when you developed your tan, your body may now have tan lines that are visible when you wear certain other pieces of attire. If you feel a little embarrassed about the tan lines and want to cover them up, airbrush tanning can be an effective strategy. The thin layer of tanning that will appear throughout your body will hide any tan lines that you don't feel are flattering.

Stretch Marks

A lot of people appreciate how airbrush tanning can help to hide certain markings on their bodies, including stretch marks. If you have stretch marks in your abdominal area or elsewhere and you want to wear a revealing bathing suit or other type of apparel, you might feel self-conscious about these marks. For example, you may be eager to wear a two-piece bathing suit several months after you've had a child but do not want people to see the stretch marks that are around your midsection. Airbrush tanning will hide these marks in addition to giving you a tanned appearance.


Airbrush tanning can also be useful for hiding markings on your skin such as freckles. While you might be happy with the look of your freckles at certain times, you may also feel that there are occasions in which you want to conceal them. If you're getting married and have lots of freckles on your shoulders, for example, you might feel better about them not being visible for your wedding photo shoot. Tanning can completely hide your freckles to give you the look you want.

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