Arrange For Your Dream Wedding At The Elvis Chapel

If you are going out to Vegas and you know you want to get married, there are some things you'll want to know before you get there. You will want to plan ahead so everything is perfect on the big day, and so you aren't struggling to make accommodations while you're out there.

If you are going to be using a Elvis chapel like A Little White Wedding Chapel, look at all of the options that they have online, and write down everything that you want. This lets you know what you need to bring, and what they will provide. Here are a few considerations to think about before you get to Vegas.

Make All Arrangements in Advance

Just because you are doing an Elvis style wedding, doesn't mean you shouldn't get the flower and cake colors that you want. The chapels allow you to pick all of these things out, and requesting them in advance will ensure that they have what you need the day you walk in to say I do. You can even arrange the limo to drive everyone around for the celebration, and you can have the wedding done outdoors if the weather permits.

Dress and Suit Care

You should have the dress and suit pressed at the hotel where you will be staying right when you get there. Call ahead and ask the hotel if they offer that service to guests, or if the hotel will send the clothes out to a dry cleaner. You don't want to get married with pictures that show clothes that are full of wrinkles.

Off Site Photographs

If you are interested in having some off site photographs taken, with beautiful Vegas scenery in the background, you may want to find another photographer. This photographer can get photos of the two of you in your clothes, with the mountains and the dessert in the background. Just because your wedding was fast and fun, doesn't mean you can't get professional wedding photos outdoors.

The wedding is going to happen quickly, so you want to make sure everything goes right. Call the wedding coordinator at the chapel you are using in Vegas to make sure they are prepared to host your wedding, and ask your hotel if they are going to have everything you need for your post wedding celebration. Getting married in Vegas is a great way to have fun with the one you love and have a vacation at the same time.