Learn To Love Your Freckles: A Guide To Enjoying The Beautiful You

When you have freckles, you have a unique beauty that is hard to miss. Many people aren't bothered by the cute and distinctive dots on their faces, but many others find them hard to love. If you are on the fence about your own spots, learn how to love your freckles, so you can enjoy the beautiful you.

Wear sunscreen

You already know that lying in the sun and using tanning beds is bad for your skin. Another reason to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen is that the rays can actually make your freckles more pronounced. Talk to your dermatologist about the best type of sunscreen to wear to keep your freckles from getting darker, so you can learn to enjoy them for the natural tone they already have. Wearing sunscreen can also protect you from getting more freckles on prone areas, such as your nose and shoulders.

Use a great moisturizer

The right moisturizer will help clear your skin of blackheads and enlarged pores, which can make your freckles appear bumpy and 'dirty' in appearance. Your dermatologist can help you choose a great moisturizing regimen that can not only clean up your current skin, but can help keep your face smooth and pimple-free. When you have clearer skin, you can worry less about your freckles taking center stage, and can learn to appreciate their unique beauty.

Lighten your freckles

By nature, freckles are darker in the summer and lighter in the winter since the sun can make them more distinct. Your dermatologist can help you lighten your freckles permanently either by using creams or lasers to diminish the melanin that makes them darker. If you want to try home remedies, the acidity and natural bleaching properties of lemon juice is thought to fade freckles, and sour cream as a face mask may do the same thing. If lightening your freckles is your goal to enjoying your face, talk to your dermatologist for the best remedies.

You may hate your freckles now, but taking care of your amazing skin and lightening up your unique and charming dots can help change your mind. If you want to do something about your freckles, whether you seem to have had them your whole life or you only get them in the summer, your dermatologist can be your guide. They can assist you in having clearer skin that you can be proud of, freckles and all.