Makeup and Wearing Contacts: Avoiding Eye Irritation

If you love to wear makeup and you have just started to wear contact lenses, there are some tips to consider for the safety of your eyes. Of course you can wear eye makeup with contact lenses, but a few simple changes can help you keep your eyes free from irritation. Contacts are designed to fit snugly in your eye, while makeup is worn around the eye. The two should not touch when possible to avoid eye problems.

Put Your Contacts in First

When you are ready to put on your makeup, wash your hands and put your contacts in. Not only will you be able to see better when you apply your makeup, but you will avoid unnecessary residue transfers that occur when you put on your contacts last. You don't want makeup to get beneath your contact lenses, because this will cause irritation.

Keep Your Eyes Moist

When your eyes feel dry, use drops on your eyes before putting on makeup. Dry eyes are more susceptible to irritation, and keeping your eyes well lubricated will reduce the chance that your eyes will get irritated from the use of makeup and contacts at the same time. Use re-wetting drops made for eye lubrication only.

Wash Your Face Before Bed

If you love to wear makeup, make sure to clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed. When you sleep in makeup and contacts, you run the risk of contaminating your eyes with makeup residue. The combination of makeup and contact lenses in your eyes can leave your eyes feeling dry, itchy and tired when you wake up. Get the makeup off every night using gentle cleansers.

Take Your Contacts Out Before Removing Makeup

In the reverse of when you are getting ready, take out your contacts before you start removing your eye makeup. This will reduce your chances of getting makeup onto your contact lenses. It isn't always easy to tell when your lenses have been contaminated. Lenses that contain traces of cosmetics on them will irritate your eyes when you put them back in upon waking up.

Excessive eye irritation can lead to problems with your cornea, scratching this outer surface of your eye, and potentially causing infections. When you wear makeup, make sure to change out your makeup every three months or so to avoid contamination from germs that accumulate within the makeup itself. Use common sense and wash your hands before you apply makeup or touch your contacts.

For more information, consult with your optometrist