5 Characteristics of a Fur Coat In Need of Repair

Fur coats are an elegant fashion statement. They are beautiful, warm, and unique throughout. In addition, your fur coat may be a special gift from a loved one or an heirloom that has remained in the family for generations. If your fur coat is important to you, be sure to keep an eye out for these five characteristics of a fur coat in need of repair:


Fur is a brilliant protector against the weather in cold climates. However, this can also mean that people can mistreat their fur. If a fur coat is left in an enclose space instead of being dried out, it could begin to break down due to the excess build up of water. See a fur coat repair specialist if your coat has stayed wet for too long.


Fur should feel soft and pleasing to the touch. If you notice rough patches of fur or on the skin of the coat itself, it could mean that you have a dryness problem. While you don't want too much humidity, too much aridity can also damage your fur coat and signal the need for maintenance.


Obviously, mold is a problem if it appears on your coat. But it is also a problem to attempt to solve the issue yourself by cleaning it with home remedies. Leave the cleaning and repair to the professionals who use special mixtures and procedures to assure that you don't ruin your beautiful fur belongings.


Sometimes, fur coats are also patterned with pieces of pure leather. In this case, it may be tempting to use mink oil and other moisturizers for your coat's hide. However, excess oil residue can seep into the fur and combine with dirt in the air to result in sticky fur. Professionals can advise you on the best way to correct this without causing further damage.


Fur is so beautiful because it is natural. This goes for the color too. It is always sad when fur becomes discolored, as it often means you can never recreate the original hue. However, modern advances in fur repair can approximate the original color quite accurately.

Whether you enjoy your fur coat at social events, at work, or at home in your leisure time, protecting its natural state is important. In order to achieve longevity for your coat, be sure to quickly recognize the five warning signs mentioned in this article. Then, consult a fur repair professional, such as Hinsdale Furriers, for immediate guidance.