How to Turn One Black Dress into Multiple Unique Looks

When you are thinking about buying a simple black dress, you should be aware of how important this item will be to your wardrobe. You have the ability to create several unique looks by adding small changes to this one dress.

Use Scarves

Small scarves add a pop of color that helps highlight the neck portion of the dress. Using this option when you have thinner straps can help add contrast to a simple neckline. Additionally, it gives you an alternative option when you do not have necklace that goes with the dress.

Larger scarves with bold prints or colors offer you a more dramatic look. You can drape them over your shoulder to add color and they help keep you warm on cold nights.

If your dress has a decorative top portion you do not want to cover, you can place a larger scarf around your waist, to add color without overshadowing the neckline. Folding the scarf in half and then tying it around your waist gives you a belt-like appearance. With a larger square scarf, you can pin it loosely at one hip and then let it drape downwards to add color and contrast to your dress.

Incorporate Belts

Another option you have is to incorporate belts into the design of the outfit. A simple yet dramatic option is to use the larger metal belts. These belts have large metal pieces in different shapes like squares or circles and they linked together. This option goes well as adornments to any dress that is a solid color.

If you want a pop of color, you can pick two belts in the colors of your choosing and crisscross them over your hips. This gives you color to break up the black design and you can choose belts of different widths to enhance this design option further.

Add a Jacket

One last way to create multiple looks with one dress is to add a jacket. To keep the look simple, the jacket should be in one color and only cover the top half of the dress. However, you can accentuate this look by using accessories such as purses and shoes that match the jacket.

For a more complex design, you can incorporate several of these pieces into one look. For example, you can choose a small jacket that only covers your shoulders and bodice, while wearing a belt that complements the color of the jacket.

To have multiple looks on hand without needing to buy several dresses, it is best to have a simple, little black dress. With this dress, you can make small adjustments to your accessories, so it looks like you bought a new outfit for each event you want to attend.