5 Benefits Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become popular among Hollywood celebrities, but you don't have to be famous to wear them. Some people think that hair extensions are too expensive for the average person. However, they are more affordable today than ever, and practically every hair salon offers extensions to their clients. Here are a few benefits of hair extensions:


Ever select a hair style from a magazine, but once you got it, it just didn't quite look the way you envisioned? Your hair may have been too thin to achieve the style that you saw. Even if you use volume-boosting styling products, some styles still require more hair to achieve the proper look. Hair extensions increase the number of hairs on your head, so "big hair" can be yours in minutes.

Instant Length

If you have always envied Rapunzel, you can have super-long locks instantly. Growing long hair takes time and patience. In fact, healthy human hair grows at a rate of 4 to 6 inches per year. If you want to grow twenty inches of hair, it can take you around five years to achieve your goal. Hair extensions can give you the length without the wait.  

Try a New Style Before You Commit

You may be thinking of getting bangs or choppy layers. Hair extensions can allow you to experiment with a hair style before you commit at the hair salon. After the extensions have been applied, your stylist can cut and style them just like natural hair. 


Permanent color can be damaging, especially highlights that require your hair to be stripped of its natural color. With hair extensions, you can enjoy your favorite hair color without the damage. Once you've had enough of trendy colors and highlights, you can simply remove the extensions.

Hide Damage

If you have already damaged your hair, there may not be a way to correct the split ends and heat damage. Nevertheless, cutting off all of your hair at once is not your only option. Hair extensions can hide your natural hair as you pamper it and gradually cut away damage.

Human hair extensions can be straightened, curled or crimped, just like your natural hair. You don't have to sacrifice style, but your natural hair doesn't have to suffer heat damage in the process.

If you are considering hair extensions to transform the look of your natural hair, visit a hair salon today. The options for length, color and texture are practically limitless. 

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