Choosing the Right Kind of Wig to Complete Your Cosplay Costume

If you're planning a cosplay costume, you undoubtedly know how much of a role hair plays in making a character recognizable. The easiest way to replicate a character's hair to make your costume perfect is to buy a wig. However, simply buying any old wig won't necessarily yield satisfying results, and there's a lot to consider when deciding what kind of wig you need. This guide will help you to decide the kind of wig you should buy.

Synthetic Wigs

One of the most classic blunders when putting the finishing touches on a nice costume is buying an inexpensive, synthetic fiber wig. While these wigs are sold cheaply online and in some shops, you get what you pay for: the hair rarely looks real, and can be difficult to keep untangled and generally maintain.

Some synthetic wigs definitely look good, and they're sold in a wide range of colors, so you may be able to find one that suits your needs. However, you'll need to look on the more expensive side of the spectrum to find one that looks decent.

Natural Wigs

Wigs made of natural, real hair look fantastic because they're not just emulating hair; they are hair. They're also easier to comb out, feel silkier than synthetic hair, and can even be dyed to match your character's hair color. While this does require more work than just buying a synthetic wig that already matches your character's hair, dyeing your wig means you can fine-tune the color to your heart's content.

Styling Preference

Another factor to consider is your character's hairstyle and how difficult it is to create with a wig. Simplistic hairstyles, like a ponytail, can generally be pulled off with both kinds of wigs quite easily. However, anything that requires styling, like hair curling, crimping, or straightening, won't work very well on a synthetic wig. There are some heat-resistant synthetic wigs sold on the market, but even then, they don't accept new styles as readily as wigs made with real hair.

Natural hair wigs can be styled over and over, and as long as you take the same heat-protecting precautions you would when styling your own hair, they'll hold up beautifully. Natural wigs can also be handy if you cosplay a character with similarly-colored hair later on, as you'll be able to easily restyle your wig to match the new character's hairstyle.

A wig can make or break a cosplay, making your costume look polished and perfect or standing out like a blemish atop all your hard work. The choice is ultimately yours, but if you're looking for versatility and a beautiful appearance, natural hair wigs are your best bet. Get in touch with a representative from a supplier like Alaska Dollar Market & Beauty Supply to start your search.