5 Characteristics of a Fur Coat In Need of Repair

Fur coats are an elegant fashion statement. They are beautiful, warm, and unique throughout. In addition, your fur coat may be a special gift from a loved one or an heirloom that has remained in the family for generations. If your fur coat is important to you, be sure to keep an eye out for these five characteristics of a fur coat in need of repair: Damp Fur is a brilliant protector against the weather in cold climates. [Read More]

The Grateful Head: 3 Nutrients That Keep Your Hair Healthy

Everybody strives to have healthy, shiny hair, but achieving that isn't always so easy. Some people feel that they're either born with good hair or they're not, but that isn't necessarily true. Just like your diet can affect the quality of your skin, your diet can also affect the quality of your hair; your hair is made up of cells, and those cells need certain nutrients to keep your hair healthy. [Read More]

Choosing the Right Kind of Wig to Complete Your Cosplay Costume

If you're planning a cosplay costume, you undoubtedly know how much of a role hair plays in making a character recognizable. The easiest way to replicate a character's hair to make your costume perfect is to buy a wig. However, simply buying any old wig won't necessarily yield satisfying results, and there's a lot to consider when deciding what kind of wig you need. This guide will help you to decide the kind of wig you should buy. [Read More]

5 Benefits Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become popular among Hollywood celebrities, but you don't have to be famous to wear them. Some people think that hair extensions are too expensive for the average person. However, they are more affordable today than ever, and practically every hair salon offers extensions to their clients. Here are a few benefits of hair extensions: Volume Ever select a hair style from a magazine, but once you got it, it just didn't quite look the way you envisioned? [Read More]