5 Benefits Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become popular among Hollywood celebrities, but you don't have to be famous to wear them. Some people think that hair extensions are too expensive for the average person. However, they are more affordable today than ever, and practically every hair salon offers extensions to their clients. Here are a few benefits of hair extensions: Volume Ever select a hair style from a magazine, but once you got it, it just didn't quite look the way you envisioned? [Read More]

How to Turn One Black Dress into Multiple Unique Looks

When you are thinking about buying a simple black dress, you should be aware of how important this item will be to your wardrobe. You have the ability to create several unique looks by adding small changes to this one dress. Use Scarves Small scarves add a pop of color that helps highlight the neck portion of the dress. Using this option when you have thinner straps can help add contrast to a simple neckline. [Read More]

How To Give Yourself The Personal Time You Deserve

Whether you have a stressful life outside of the home or you are a busy homemaker raising children, you definitely deserve time for yourself. Here are some ideas that might help you to bring some relaxation and some fun into your busy life. Schedule Time On Your Calendar - Of course, part of the problem is actually taking the time you need to spend on yourself. As you mark important dates on your calendar, consider leaving one day, or even part of a day, blank so that you can fill it in with something delightful for yourself. [Read More]

Makeup and Wearing Contacts: Avoiding Eye Irritation

If you love to wear makeup and you have just started to wear contact lenses, there are some tips to consider for the safety of your eyes. Of course you can wear eye makeup with contact lenses, but a few simple changes can help you keep your eyes free from irritation. Contacts are designed to fit snugly in your eye, while makeup is worn around the eye. The two should not touch when possible to avoid eye problems. [Read More]